Ignacio Abé


Calles solo bus (plan centro)

cliente: Municipalidad de Santiago

año: 2016




From all the measures proposed in the Sustainable Mobility Plan, one of the most recognized and awarded is the so-called downtown programme or Plan Centro. It proposed the remodeling of 7 important streets that had public transport and are located in the most active and congested part of the Santiago’s historic district. The main purpose of this redesign was to facilitate the movements of both pedestrians and buses, by removing private cars and rethinking the street section and allocation of space. In some segments the vehicular lanes were reduced from three to one, and the sidewalks doubled. Also, the height differences between pedestrian and vehicular spaces were eliminated, leaving a continuous surface with improved universal access.

The project required a good coordination between the municipality and other government agencies, and has been rewarded by several prizes (mentioned above).




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Calles solo bus (plan centro)

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